Thousand Years

“Thousand Years” is a mind-blowing production celebrating the 30th anniversary of Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera in 2018. For this reason, the troupe invited the modern theater director, Wang Jia-ming, to direct the show about a taboo issue- the romantic love of a mother and her son. The special guest star, famous Peking Opera performer, Huang Yu-lin, beautifully exhibited her years of experience in Peking opera singing, acting, and postures in the show. Huang was nominated for the “Best Actress” award at The 31st Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music for her interpretation of Bai Su-zhen.


Auntie said that as long as Meng-jiao became the Number One Scholar in the Imperial Examination, he could save his mother from the Lui-Feng Tower. Mother, oh, mother, Bai Su-zhen was Meng-jiao’s mother, and his only kind existed in this world. He loved whispering to her and thinking about her quietly standing in front of the tower. Doing so made him feel less lonely and somehow comforted. For this reason, Meng-jiao had endured people’s gossip, taunting, and bullying. Even when he finally became the Number One Scholar in the Imperial Examination, he managed to laugh off the doubts from people around him in the royal court. Once his mother was out of the Lui-Fen Tower, all the loneliness he had suffered for the past twenty years would vanish.

Under the Lei-Feng Tower, the torment Su-zhen endured for years was her expectations of Xu Xian. Did he regret what he had said after being incited by Fa-Hai, the monk? Would he come to see her the day she was free? She thought about this over and over again. It never occurred to her that Xu Xian would age while she wouldn’t. The moment she was out of the tower, she saw the love of her life, the handsome young Xu Xian standing before her and calling her mother in such a soft voice. She felt the wind blowing, which didn’t make her think things straight, and his voice was long gone with the wind.

The beautiful young girl standing before him took Meng-jiao’s breath away. She was staring at him with much love in her eyes, but who was “Xu Xian” she kept calling him? On second thought, he realized how much he resembled his father. His mother mistook him for his father, which made him hate his father for being so heartless. Was it possible for him to fill this void in her heart and comfort her heart? All those thoughts crossed his mind in a blink of an eye. He decided to leave the mistake uncorrected so that his mother didn’t have to miss that heartless father of his. It was raining again in Xi-Hu. Su-zhen recollected that day Xu Xian lent her his umbrella in Xi-Hu. In reality, Meng-jiao took off the clothes of the Number One Scholar given by the emperor to keep her from getting wet. Who did love her for who she was? The spectators see the chess game better than the players.

Xiao-qing was a man. He disguised as a woman to be Su-zhen’s maid because he lost the fight to her. He thought men could never outlive snakes. When Xu Xian died, and after Su-zhen was out of the tower, he could be with her forever. What he didn’t expect was Xu Meng-jiao. Xiao-qing was so furious that despite all the sufferings Su-zhen endured these years, she didn’t change a bit. But witnessing what Xu Meng-jiao had done for Su-zhen, and the fact that Su-zhen still held on to human feelings after thousand years of practice, Xiao-qing had some realization himself.

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