The Unrestrained Soul

“The Unrestrained Soul” is the annual production of the Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe in 2011. Reference to the work by Goethe / one of the four greatest works of European literature, “Faust, ” A combination of the only drama originating in Taiwan, Taiwanese Opera, and a theatrical work from the West, plus lighting & sound effects, and projection techniques applied in the modern theater, Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe presented this one-of-a-kind “Faust of the East” to its audience. The background of the story is the void and chaotic spiritual world. 

The God of Good -Ci Guang and the Gold of Evil – Tu An argue over whether or not human beings can comprehend the truth of the world. They thus chose the elder, Murong Chen, who realized it 80 years ago and lived in a cave, as the subject of their test and whom they place the bet on.


Murong Chen leads a life as lonely as a Sadhu. He does not feel anything or experience firsthand that every flow must have its ebb. Despite that, Murong Chen is still waiting for a God to come to him. So afraid and enraged, he says, “If I die like an ordinary person, what is the point of having Tao? Where is my justice? Suddenly, in the mist, he sees the God of Evil, Tu An, who casts a spell on Murong Chen and turns him into a young man again. The young Murong Chen later meets the lively and intelligent princess – Mei Die-jun. The two are so deeply in love. Murong Chen, who isn’t supposed to have any feelings that ordinary people have, experiences so many strong emotions. He even signs a contract with the Devil Tu An to have 24 years of freedom to allow him to do whatever he wants at the cost of his soul. The unrestrained human desires are affecting him. As for God of Good, Ci Guang, who witnesses how Tu An seducing Murong Chen into the trap, will he stand idly by and let all Murong’s hard work go down the drain and become depraved? Who is going to win?

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