Executive Chief Officer

Sun Fu-Rui

Awards she received

  • Recipient of the Best Script Award in Traditional Theatrical Arts Category of
    the 2013 National Culture and arts Award
  • Recipient of the Honorable Mention Award in Script, Traditional Theatrical Arts
    Category of the 2015 National Culture and arts Award

Graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Soochow University, Mr. Sun grew up in a theatrical family that nurtured his interest in creating traditional dramas.   He has created many Taiwanese opera scripts performed in big theatre houses in recent years.  He is the first playwright to discuss homosexual love in traditional Taiwanese operas and the first one to adapt Chinese/ western classics into Taiwanese operas.  He even collaborated with famous writer Ms. Zhang Man-Juan, beginning a new chapter for the cross-field collaboration in Taiwanese operas. 

As the CEO of Yi-Shin, since he took over the troupe from his father Mr. Sun Rong-Hui, Yi-Shin that laid its solid foundation in acrobatic movements has never stopped trying new things and reaching out to the young audience. It has successfully established new aesthetics for Taiwanese operas.  In 2014, the troupe was nominated for the “Best Performance” in The Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music and praised as a creative Taiwanese opera troupe that “possesses traditional and modern elements while its performances and ideas are constantly evolving with time.”

His Representative Works

  • Hakka TV: script editor for the 2018 traditional theatre – “Substituting a raccoon for the crown prince , “Ghost under a Phoenix Tree,” a total of 9 scripts.

  • Tzu Chi DaAi TV Station: Brought by Sun Cui-Feng Art Studio: Bodhi’s Mind Series – “The Elephant Lord”, “Nelumbo Nucifera”, “National Master Yu Lin”

  • Yi-Shi Taiwanese Opera Troupe: “Liu Ming-Chuan”, “Sun Bin V.S. Pang Juan”, “The Unrestrained Soul”, “The Ghost Consort Prince “, “Treasure Bowl”, “Tears of A Hero “, “Assassin Stories – Hidden Sword”, “Splinting Mountains for Saving Mother., “Justice Bao Meets Empress Dowager, “ “Duan Xiu”, “The Song of Lotus”, “The Heart of Blade” Hazardous Games around Hearts and Arrows”, “One Thousand Years” etc. 

  • Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group: “The Legend of the White Snake” in 2005, “ The Legend of the White Snake” in 2008, “ Fire Phoenix” in 2011.

  • Liao Chiung-chih Taiwanese Opera Foundation for Culture and Education: 2011 The Burning of Red Lotus Temple

  • Performance Workshop: The 2006 version of “The Peach Blossom Land”, adapted the Peach Blossom Land into Taiwanese opera.

  • Song writer of the play “Mazu’s Bodyguards” by Chen Yu-Hui at the National Theater in 2009

National Culture and Arts Foundation

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  • 198,063

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