Artistic Director

Sun Rong-Hui

Sun Rong-Ji  (stage name and born in 1948) is an actor and director of Taiwanese operas. His father, Mr. Sun Gui was an actor of Peking Opera /acrobat who came to Taiwan with a Peking Opera Troupe to perform during the Japanese Rule. Since childhood, Master Sun Rong-Hui learned Peking Opera and Taiwanese opera martial arts skills with his father. He was a member of Ming Tuo National Opera Troupe and performed Peking Opera with the troupe. He then became an action actor at Shaw Brothers Pictures Limited. He was also the martial arts choreographer of Yang Li Hua Taiwanese Opera Troupe and Li Ru-Lin Taiwanese Opera. Then, Master Sun founded Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe in 1989. He has been committed to passing on the torch of Taiwanese opera. With nearly seventy years of experience in performing, Master Sun can play any part so well that it plays on his audience’s heartstrings. He has a good reputation as Martial Arts Champion of the Taiwanese Opera for his outstanding martial arts performances.

National Culture and Arts Foundation

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