Getting to know the Lead Actor

Sun Shi-Pei

Awards she received

  • 2004 – Received the “Excellent Performance Award“ in the 2004 Young Performers’ Competition in the Cross-Strait Taiwanese Opera Festival 
  • 2008 – Received the “ Best Performer Award” in the 2008 Taipei City Taiwanese Opera Carnival
  • 2016- Received the 57th Chinese Literary Award in 2016.

Grew up in a theatrical family, Sun Shi-Pei is the third daughter of the founder/head of Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Mr. Sun, Rong-Hui. She has been receiving training in Yi-Shin since she started to learn Taiwanese opera. With the spirits of never surrendering to frustrations or giving up and always trying to improve herself for each character she portrays, she invests time and effort to get into her characters. She has created many round characters and engraved on the audience’s memories with many touching moments of her performances. Excelling in sheng (young male lead), dan (young female lead), jing (painted face), chou (clown), Sun Shi-Pei is an outstanding performer who acts, fights, and sings beautifully, making her stand out among the best of her peers. In 2016, she played Wang Ting-Fei in the “Lotus Song”, a classic work adapted for Taiwanese opera, and it earned her a nomination for the “Best New Performer” in the 27th Golden Melody for Traditional Arts and Music.

Sun Shi-Pei has been working hard to improve herself as a performer of Taiwanese opera. In addition to gaining experience as a performer and sharpening her skills, she never forgets to pass the torch of Xiqu (traditional Chinese theater) to the next generation and promote Taiwanese opera to the public. From school students to those in Taiwanese opera classes for mothers offered by communities, she teaches everything she knows about Taiwanese operas.  She has been an instructor of the “Xinzhuang Taiwanese Opera Troupe” under the Xinzhuang Culture and Arts Center. Every year, she and the troupe members organize a performance especially for the students to spread the seeds of Xiqu everywhere.

Her Representative Roles

  • 2011 – Murong Chen in “The Unrestrained Soul”
  • 2012- Boss Qian in “Hazardous Games around Hearts and Arrows”
  • 2013- Dong-Xian in “Duan-Xiu”
  • 2014- Liu Ming-Chuan in “Liu Ming-Chuan”
  • 2014- Xi-Meng Qing “Wu Song Slaying His Sister-in-law
  • 2015- Wang Ting-Fei in “The Lotus Song” (nominated for the Best Young Performers” in the 27th Golden Melody Award for Traditional Arts and Music.
  • 2016 –  Xie Xiao-E (as a dan (young female role) in The Heart of Blade”
  • 2017- Feng-Ding in “Hazardous Games around Hearts and Arrows”
  • 2018-  Xiao-Qing in “One Thousand Years”
  • 2019 – Xue Ping-Gui & Li Ling (Mise en abyme) in “Me, Myself and I”
  • 2021 –  Yue Fei in  “The Moon Was in Tears”

National Culture and Arts Foundation

  • 270
  • 142
  • 208,413

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