Literary Adaptions

The Heart in Blade

The Heart in Blade “The Heart in Blade” is a dream coming true for the head of Yi-Shin, Master Sun Rong-hui, because it has all the Kung Fu elements. The combination of Kung Fu in Taiwanese-opera style and the filming techniques of TV dramas creates a series of Kung Fu that breaks the limitations of theatrical dimension and allows performers to fly midair to do Kung Fu. Based on the…

The Song Of Lotus

The Song Of Lotus “The Song of Lotus” is the annual production of the Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe in 2015. It is the 3rd time that Yi-Shin collaborated with Director Lang Zu-yun and the first time with the famous Chinese literati writer, Ms. Zhang Man-juan. The Song of Lotus was an adaptation of Zhang’s work. Based on the legendary novel- Military Councilor of Huazhou by novelist Wen Ting-yun of the…


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